March 6, 2019

Smart Accounting

One of the most basic MIS or recondition which is required in every organization is Bank Reconciliation, but sadly most of the organizations either don’t do it correctly or waste too much of time on getting it done manually, so let me explain how currently most of us currently do, We do it the same way we used to do 20 years ago – using Excel – getting the statement from the bank and then manually reconciling each entry in books to identify differences ( cheque issued not presented, cheque received but not presented etc. etc )
February 27, 2019
restaurant accounting

Importance of Food Costing

With costs of ingredients/ input materials rising and customers eyeing for value for money, it is important that prices of menus are affordable, still profitable. One of the greatest weapons against profit/loss is to know your food costs. A restaurant’s food cost determines its profitability. Without knowing the food cost and the movement during the period, the reports and accounts just serve as a piece of information with no precise action.
February 24, 2019
online accounting and bookkeeping

How Accounting is changing on Cloud-Based Tools

How Accounting is changing on Cloud-Based Tools The new tools in the market are changing the way the accounting industry is getting shaped and is also providing fresh thought to historically accepted practices in India. There are various new tools available in the market now, various global companies have ventured into this like quick books – one of the biggest accounting tools in the world for SME, the beautiful accounting tool Xero – and Zoho Accounting - just to name a few.
October 30, 2018

Healthcare Internal Audit – Risk & Controls

Overview The Healthcare continues to be a high-growth sector across the globe. There is a continuity of challenges, emergence of new risks and a host of complicated regulatory compliances. Recent market studies demonstrate that health care reforms have already changed the way the business is being done, and will have […]
October 23, 2018

Outcome ERP Services

October 23, 2018

Healthcare – An Insight on Risk & Challenges

October 8, 2018

UAE VAT Update: Insurance

Due to the ambiguities related to taxability of different types of insurances and the eligible VAT input credits, FTA has issued clarifications through insurance VAT guide. Some of the Key takeaways from the Insurance guide are covered in this update. S. No. Types of insurance Liability of charges 1. General […]
September 21, 2018

MCA Update: LLP (Second) Amendment Rules, 2018

This update highlights the recent amendment in specific to Limited Liability Partnership firms LLP (Second) Amendment Rules, 2018 : Applicable Law: section 79 (1) & 79(2) of the limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 (6″of 2009) Effective From: October 02, 2018 New form RUN-LLP: Reserve Unique Name-Limited Liability Partnership (RUN-LLP). Form […]
September 18, 2018

Outcome UAE Journal – Sep 2018 E-01

Our this edition will focus on VAT updates, ADAA Resolution 1 basics, introduction to our UAE faces and our service offerings in Dubai
September 15, 2018

GST Updates: September 2018

This is an update covering the recent amendments in GST law consequent to notification issued during the month of September 2018. Following areas are covered: GST Returns filing timelines Filing of Annual return and Audit Report Implementation of TDS and TCS provision under GST. Filing & timelines of ITC-04. Clarifications […]
September 15, 2018

Risk & Challenges in Retail Industry – An Insight

September 13, 2018

Refund of Tax for International Travelers to UAE

Good News for tourists travelling to UAE…  Get refund on taxes (VAT) paid on your spends