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Since the summer of 2014, Outcome has been supporting entrepreneurs how right processes, controls & review mechanism can help to be on top. Valuable inputs that check inefficiencies, induce improvement, greater visibility thru business transactions and not just a bland corporate operating procedure bible. Outcome born out of the need of the aspiring small & medium businesses to scale up. This need has sparked a global idea.
Founders Bhavesh & Gaurav, while consulting and advising numerous small to large businesses in India and overseas noticed a big problem in how companies get in a fix while adopting transformation through Technology like ERPs. They found the most challenging aspect was that the companies lack the right process, procedures, and people aligned to company’s celebration. Inspired by the need to solve this challenge, they decided to devise scalable solutions.

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Accounting Services

Outcomes online Accounting Services makes you more Smarter. Our simple and powerful Accounting and Bookkeeping Service gives you the tools and intelligence to take your business to the next level.
Work Smarter With Outcomes Online Accounting & Bookkeeping Service.


Company Secretarial Services

Outcome, has a dedicated team of company secretarial, legal professionals and Chartered Accountants who possess extensive experience in various corporate laws and commercial/legal documentation. Our team is highly business oriented in approach and has experience across sectors and the acumen to provide complete solutions for all corporate secretarial matters.
Outcome's team provided end to end solution for secretarial compliances as per the provisions of Companies Act and rules made there under and other laws applicable to the company to ensure that the company complies with the applicable secretarial standards and to discharge such other duties as may be required under Companies Act.


Process Automation

Process automation is a way to do your volumnous recurring task with the help of technology in an efficient manner, minimizing the errors and provide you the end result on a clck of button, it includes standaradization and optimization of process to drive the workforce with transfer of knowledge.
Outcome's professional team helps you automate your business processes with easy and flixible ways. Our Business process automation experts are specially trained in the process automation domain which makes us very fast and perfect at this.


GST Return Filing

GST has been implemented in India from 1st July 2017. Under the new GST regime. All entities having GST registration are required to file GST returns, as per the GST return due date schedule. Each business registered under GST will be required to file returns on timelines mentioned. Each month outward supply (sales), Inward supply (purchases) and final return to being filed by each registered person. In addition, there are different categories of returns to be filed by different persons, like composite return, ISD return, Annual Return.
Outcome's GST Return filing experts will help you in filing your return on time. Try now, Outcome's hassle free GST Return Filing Services.


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March 6, 2019

Smart Accounting

One of the most basic MIS or recondition which is required in every organization is Bank Reconciliation, but sadly most of the organizations either don’t do it correctly or waste too much of time on getting it done manually, so let me explain how currently most of us currently do, We do it the same way we used to do 20 years ago – using Excel – getting the statement from the bank and then manually reconciling each entry in books to identify differences ( cheque issued not presented, cheque received but not presented etc. etc )
February 27, 2019
restaurant accounting

Importance of Food Costing

With costs of ingredients/ input materials rising and customers eyeing for value for money, it is important that prices of menus are affordable, still profitable. One of the greatest weapons against profit/loss is to know your food costs. A restaurant’s food cost determines its profitability. Without knowing the food cost and the movement during the period, the reports and accounts just serve as a piece of information with no precise action.
February 24, 2019
online accounting and bookkeeping

How Accounting is changing on Cloud-Based Tools

How Accounting is changing on Cloud-Based Tools The new tools in the market are changing the way the accounting industry is getting shaped and is also providing fresh thought to historically accepted practices in India. There are various new tools available in the market now, various global companies have ventured into this like quick books – one of the biggest accounting tools in the world for SME, the beautiful accounting tool Xero – and Zoho Accounting - just to name a few.

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